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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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but we're going to deal with it now. as best we can. >> 16-year-old andy trujillo brought flowers. >> how are you doing? >> sad. it just feels like a dream. not real every one was still hoping the friendly graduate would turn up alive, zrik her as strong and confident with a bright future ahead of her. bright future ahead of her. >> lovedf active with friends and family. her life ended way too soob. -- soon. >> her friends tell us they're planning a vigil tonight at 7:00 at kaa grand high school near the athletic field. >> thank you. >> this tragic discovery affected hundreds of people.
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hundreds leaving their condolences on our face book page. you can join on 7 news. >> a crew is in south lake tahoe now where the investigation is focused. he'll bring us a live report coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> moving on, a brief court appearance for 26-year-old luis hernandez, the man accused of committing san jose's final murder of 2012 police say he shot and killed 36-year-old christopher soriano. reports say hernandez was told by supervisors to detain soriano believing he may be linked to car burglaries at that complex. police say vigilante acts are not justify ootd man arrested for crashing into a car, killing two people and injuring another made a court appearance today. david morales faces two counts of murder. abc 7 news is in court and here to tell us more about the
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injured young man and the family's plea to allow the family to travel to see him. >> that is right. the family contacted thus morning to ask for help in bringing his father to san francisco. he lives in gaud malla and has not been able to obtain a seriesa. the d.a.told abc 7 news that they're willing to help. >>1v this mother of the 18-year-old was an innocent driver of the white car struck by a man running away from police. he gave thus picture of her son, still in serious condition at san francisco general hospital. she told us her son is in bad shape. several broken bones, lungs, collapsed. the family is trying to get the young man's father into the united states to see him. he is still living in
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guatemala. an immigration attorney out of l.a. has been hired to try to get him an entree visa. she said her son woke up and the first thing he said was i want to see my father. she also lost her sister in, the passenger seat when morales crashed into the car. morales was in court today, police say on new year's day, he shot at three people ininside of a housing project and minutes later, ran from police when they attempted to stop him. he then crashed into the white car, killing him and a pedestrian, and injuring garcia. morales face twoz counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder among other passengers. district attorney gascone says he will likely spend his life in jail. >> when you look at the outcome in this case, you have
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two innocent people that are dead. that had nothing to do with anything to do with gangs and a third party very seriously injured, no toller yens for that. at all. >> by the way, more rel rales was on probation at the time a cording to the da, last april he was convicted for his involvement in a street gang in san mateo county. the d.a.asked bail be set at $10 million. >> thank you. >> in san jose, hunt is on for clues as to the cause of this fire, workers in a medical marijuana club cleaned up after a fire broke out this morning that started at 4:20 a.m. inside of the health carekk center near old bay shore highway. >> this is a little bit upsetting just to have this happen to us. whether it's a fire bug or a
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sort of retaliation for who know what's reason. >> suspicions the building was unoccupied at the time of the fire. there was an older -- odor of gasoline. >> investigators had not said whether the surveillance cameras captured anyone breaking into the building. the manager says much damage was caused by water, used to fight the fire. >> the story behind the murder of a south bay businessman and his mansion continues to unfold. >> jewel skpri cash were stolen and three of the four suspects were back in court. >> for the first time the three murder suspects in the deadly home invasion robbery of ravi kuma appeared together in court arks accused of or chess straighting a robbery, killing kumra and assaulting his wife, the men, loseack yas anderson, jafrer garcia, and deangelo austin did not look at, or speak to one another. >> certainly they didn't give
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d.a.a benefit of showing a friendship or afillation in court. that can be devastating if you later argue that you weren't there or don't know someone. i'm sure they were well versed in making sure they kept it appropriate. >> there is a fourth suspect charged with being accessory to murder, police say raven dixon is a prostitute who had a relationship with kumra, but court documents are sealed and we don't-ci< know how kumra was killed. there are volumes of documents axe bc 7 news found painting the personal and business dealings in an unsafeory light. fm he live naid fantasy world, and tried to hide millions of dollars in assets from business partners. a private attorney for one murdered defendant tried to keep her client having having to make a court appearance today, coming up at 6:00 we'll tell yu and how the judge reacted to that legal move.
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>> the district attorney is filing misdemeanor charges against three day care workers in the death of a baby in their care. the owner of the now defunkt center so send them to jai. an autopsy shows a 4-month-old boy accidentally suffocated on his bedding. >> this is a remarkable image here behind us.lhbgv water gone wild this morning. one viewer sent this video sho-to-us. >> yes. water gushed from a fire hydrant, dwarfing a service station. firefighters capped the hydrant. you can see mr. if you can send news out that you see out there, you can send it out there. what a geyser. >> incredible. >> most successful high school football coach in bay area
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history announced his retirement this afternoon, leaving after 34 years. >> the they they call coach lad, 399 wins, spartans haven't lost to another northern california team since 1991. >> sth amazing. >> you can't imagine that success. the last game was a state championship. delasalle with a winning streak. that is a dozen years without a loss. stepping aside at age 58. his assistant coach will take over. a player for coach lad in the mid 90 autos larry you've covered dela sal for years. >> yes. >> what stands out? >> he's the most humble person, you ask how are you doing this? he just points to kids. does not talk about himself.
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commitment of the teenagers is remarkable. and some of us know teenagers can be challenging. yes? the coaches don't yell and stream. they don'tboro beat the kids. the underjqf classmen get lessos from upper classmen. older kids say look fu. want to be part of the program here is the deal. ?) 6:00 a.. to lift weights. not 6:30, not 7:00. not noon. not when you feel like it. show up at 6:00. you're in or out. they buy in. >> it's hard to imagine this program without him. what is the word on what plans are next? >> he's going to step back but said he's going to continue to help develop younger players are a consultant. and he's going to continue to teach. and some people posted, do you know what you think is a good football coach? take his theology class, he'll blow you away. >> he looks like someone that can do it all. >> he does. he does. >> let's check on the forecast. >> another man that does it
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all is spencer christian. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. a few clouds around, clear skies. but that is going to change overnight tonight. this morning we had some temperatures dropping down into the yirp 20s inland locations. right now, well, giving you a look at tonight's forecast. and i don't think that is where we're supposed to be. i can tell you we do have clouds, we do have other elements in the show while the first forecast should be. we have clouds thickening tonight. there will be rain developing early tomorrow first to the north bay and near the coast. going to sweep through the bay area, giving us a wet day tomorrow, then, what comes on sunday? i'll have the accu-weather forecast. >> spencer, thank you that. is not how it would have gone for coach lad. >> that is why he is who he is and why i am here. >> still ahead, lighting up the bay bridge. work crews did to create the
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largest light sculpture. >> carol,%jhv taking shots at spencer. >> michael finney taking your questions and will answer them here live in just a few minutes. you can contact michael on and also on twitter, m finney. >> forget gadgets. cisco and other companies believe buzz of next week's show will center on intelligent transportation. i'm david lieuy. we'll have the story coming up. >> and taking a look at traffic right now, on the san francisco skyway. it's friday get away. it's typical. very slow going for those drivers trying to make their way east. not much better for drivers heading south towards 1111nsula and beyond.
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all right. no more freebies when it comes to parking on sundays in san francisco. starting this weekend you'll have to pay to park from noon to 6:00 at 29,000 parking meters, parking officials sate move is needed to help ease congestion, most businesses are now open on sundays and will raise much-needed revenue. about $2 million in the next year. the city won't begin ticketing until later this month. drivers will be issued warnings, we're told for first through sunday autos can't get a break. >> no. >> good news from the music industry and the departure of hulu's ceo that. and more in your bloomberg after the bell report. hi, cory.
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>>k?9) good afternoon. the ceo is leaving the digital tv service. and he oversees a transition to the next ceo. chief technology officer rich tom also leaving. writing i've been fortunate, so fortunate to play a role in this ongoing journey. my decision has been one of the toughest made. he took over after hulu launched. kpt grew to almost 700 million in revenue last year, with 3 million subscribers for it's service. still, there are signs of change at the company in october, providence selling out and leaving the company owned by media giant disney and news corps. just weeks ago, reports surfaced that he asked the media companies for another to00 million to fund overseas expansion. the long struggling music industry posting gains in the digital front and says sales
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climbing 3% last year. dij cal album sales up 14%. and singles up 5%. sales of physical cds dropped but outselling digital. adele's "21" is the top selling album. tailor swift's "red" saw bigger sales of physical cds last year, looks like windows notebook computers not popular holiday gifts. even the new windows 8 operating system not helping things saying sales fell 11% year over year during 2012 holiday season. people bought tablets and apple macb0 book also fell. solo city predicted install yaigsz of roof top systems will jump 60% incoming year after 117% growth and installation in 2012.
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the chair is run by his cousin seeing a stock surge 22% since the ipo last month. stocks closing higher today, take a look at s and p now good jobs report is helping pull markets up. as for yoursn3ñ bloomberg silicn valley index, closing higher today, apple, intel dragging things down. library of congress finished searching all of the tweets in the first four years of existence for twitter. and i'm assuming it's looking out to you to organize data. so far there is 170 billion tweets, another half billion coming in every day. bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm cory johnson. larry, carolyn? back to you. >> thank you. >> work crews pulled an overnighter on the bay bridge to mark a key milestone in
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creating the world's biggest light sculpture, workers startedding stringing 25,000 white led lights. the artist behind the project told us it will stretch two miles wide, 500 feet tall and will twinkle in pattern twoz years. going to be fun to seevñe=u. >> it will be. i don't know how it's going to be when you're driving on the bridge. >> they say you're not going to notice it that is what they say. >> yes. yes. >> it's gooding to be cold and wet tomorrow. >> you don't lts nths the rain. >> yes. yes. whatever. >> we do have rain coming our way. here is a live view from our east bay hills camera. looking at the western sky. what a beautiful sky it s sunny skies now. clouds around, colorful. you can imagine how colorful sunset is going to be this afternoon. taking a look at live doppler 7 hd showing how cloud free our skies be at the moment. but those clouds will increase
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overnight as rain approaches so rain arriving tomorrow, there is a chance of showers sunday, sunnier, milder monday and tuesday. overnight, low temperatures will be on a chilly range of the north bay valleys. lows into low to mid 30s in fairfield. and so once again, chilly but not wold weather we've had. satellite shows high pressure just barely holding on right now. this funnel system approaches. stets lets start at 9:00 tomorrow morning it will be cloudy. rain will not have gotten organize bid that point. we'll see more wide spread rain moving in pushing first through the north bay, hitting south ward. 5:00 in the afternoon, will be wet and then that, cold front
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sweeps through. there will be showers into sunday morning.rg' just passing showers, here and there. by 5:00 monday morning start few lingering clouds. also, by 5:00 a.m. monday, we expect rain totals to be not terribly impressive. maybe over half an inch up to half an inch in the east bay and up to about four-tenths of an inch in the south bay. what does this mean for the sierra? light snow likely sunday in the central sierra. this is just a weekend of some sun, some snow. wet afternoon. will be on the cool side. high temperatures upper 40s to around 50s. we'll see low to mid-50s over the remainder of the bay area, here is the accu-weather forecast. rain tomorrow, a chance of showers, then sunny, milder
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monday and tuesday. extra clouds in the sky wednesday and thursday and maybe a chance of showers next week. you won't even notice. >> yes. nice. >> right. >> thank you. >> mcdreamy saves lives on tv. now, saving jobs. yes says he made this personal house call. >> plus, a new young picture of diana before she became princess. what we've learned about this never published photo. >> and later why passengers duct taped this man to his seat. there are people i know i'd like to do this to, but that is another story. >> taking a look at traffic. this is mcarthur maze, looks like it's moving off the maze. we can see cars stopped here, it's heavy but moving.
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a lot of people like patrick dempsey. he's now officially in the coffee business. mccreamy's bid that, is the name of the company, now, it's mcdreamy. i thought it was mccreamy. i thought it's a coffee takeoff, that is why they named it that. tully's were bidding for it. i thought it was a play on
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words with the company. i was wrong. josh elliott with more on this deal. >> on grey's anatomy, patrick dempsey's character is used to winning hearts.mkoó and also familiar with saving lives in the operating room but his latest role is investor, trying to save tully's coffee chain going up against star bucks to do it. >> great people here with success of the show there is a fondness for the community it seemed like a classic david versus goliath. last night, dempsey sweet tweeting we met the green monitor and looked her in the eye. she blinked. we got!ank you, seatt. the goal is saving tully's 500 workers from unemployment. >> i think some of the players involved want to take job as way z you're looking at an economy that is really rough and jobs and we stopped by one
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store yesterday, employees are concerned. >> after that house call, he tweeted out this photo. and made one barista's day. >> he's so involved in trying to bite company. he wants to be involved with his employees as well, too. >> that is josh elliott reporting. >> a black ask and white image shows a smiling diana lig down on the lap of a young man just identified as adam russell, great grandson of late prime minister stanley baldwin.qctv the words not to be published written across the foto february 26, 1981, two days after her engagement to prince charles was announced. the bidding starts at 200s skpdz will be auctioned from january 17th through 24th. >> i think it's going to go higher. >> likely. exght?m >> still ahead on abc 7 news
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at 4:00, zero dark thirty, the movie getting unwanted attention from lawmakers and protestors. >> plus, it's a historic photo of women of congress. why is nancy pelosi defending it today? >>iiyñ you've heard warnings abt tanning beds. why have doctors ordered one teen
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>> your friend not going to help you. i'm going to break you zero dark thirty opens in theaters tonight. it's been controversial from the moment that this project was announced. protestors in a theater in california senior senator are both questioning the torture scenes in this movie. >> abc 7 news is in the newsroom with more on the protest and dianne feinstein's letter to the cia. >> the movie opened today and drew a small, but vocal band of protestors in emeryville. members of the world can't wait set up a hooded figure in a jump suit and chains and handed out flyers trying to dis way movie goers from
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seeing the film. they're talking about scene that's suggest that water boarding of cia prisoners was instrumental in providing the information that led to osama bin laden. in the u.s. senate john mccain call that had betrayal misleading. >> you believe when watching this movie that water boarding and torture leads to information that leadses them to elimination of osama bin laden. that is not the case. >> mccain and the chair of the senate intelligence committee have written two letters to the director asking for information about what was learned from water boarding of prisoners and whether the film makered had inappropriate access to sensitive information. documents real ree leased through freedom of information request show there was cooperation between cia and film makers in december, acting cia director called a film a drama ti ti saigs and strong impression enhanced
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interrogation were key is a false impression. >> they make movies successful, have you to a lot of time take artistic license. >> some told they were fine if it led to the killing of osama bin laden. >> i have a nephew in afghanistan, i'm not going talk against this. >> against water board something. >> against any of it. they did what they have to dod4r to catch that -- . >> expletive deleted. we'll hear about why pro testors believe it will influence people to accept torture and we'll get reactions from folks who saw the film that might surprise you. >> a $9.7 billion aid package passed in congress today to help the battered northeast rebuild after super storm sandy. the house of representatives
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flood insurance program pay for 115,000 claims. the house taking up a larger package january 15th providing $51 kbrinl to hard hit areas in new jersey, new york and connecticut. >> former arizona congress woman gabrielle giffords is visiting newtown, connecticut today, offering their support after the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school. she met with local officials as well as u.s. senator bloomenthal and lieutenant government nancy wiman. she is still recovering after being shot in the head almost two years ago. >> this picture shows president obama being briefed after it happened last month. you can see he appeared to be somber as he spoke with john brennan and said that was quote, the worst day of his presidency. >> berkeley assembly woman nancy skinner plans to
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reintroduce legislation to tighten ammunition purchases requiring all to show identification and require all ammunition sales be reported to the department of justice. among other things banning kits converting clips to high capacity magazines. she introduced similar legislation in august following the colorado movie theater massacre but it stalled. congress woman jackie speier will serve as vice chair of a new prevention task force that will investigate new steps congress can take now and in the future to prevent shootings like the one in newtown, connecticut. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi providing an alternate picture posted on flick. this after the congress was sworn n the woman lined up for a group photo.
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now, here is the picture the office released showing four house members who arrived too late for the picture. pelosi says it's an accurate his storeal picture of members of her party. she said it was freezing outside and there are a lot going on. there are 61 democratic congress woman including pelosi. >> fda proposes new safety rules so we don't get sick from food we eat. >> plus, oh, deer. what crews had to do to rescue an animal on freezing water. >> why this airline passenger had to be duck taped to his seat. >> today 7 on your side q and a is coming up. i'm taking your questions so you can contact me on faceboo and on twitter m mini. i'll answer questions here, live later. >> as we look at western sky,
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you can see it's going to be a sorjus sunset now but we have more clouds and rain coming our way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> taking a look at the traffic here is the view. traffic heading into the city one lane stopped completely. other cars moving. better flowing northbound towards marin county. stay with us.
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a crew pulledhñ ropes until
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the doe was back on land. animal control crated the doeñé so a vet could make sure she's okay. >> delicate right there. >> yes. >> let's move on and check our forecast now. >> things looking good right now. live dop plefr 7 shows clear skies and clouds off shore. clouds going thicken overnight. rain approaches we're going to have a wet day tomorrow, state wide looking for wet, cool conditions in the northern half of the state. rain reaching from eureka down rain reaching from eureka down to the bay areav0 farther south. but then moving into southern california mainly sunny skies tomorrow, and much milder conxpppgs, highs in the mid to upper 60s there. in the bay area looking for wet weather developing in morning hours and spreading across the area by mid to late afternoon. so soggy, high temperatures only into upper 40s to about 50s. low to mid-50s over the remainder of the bay area. looking south ward, southern california looks like a place to which you might want to escape tomorrow.
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rain there on sunday, good chance of rain southern california sunday and then, drying out again on monday. so this is a is a sharp contrast. >> like to know where it s yes. >> i'm the man with the plan. >> yes. >> up next an mazing recovery. big milestone fr a pakistani teen-aged girl after she was shot in the head by the taliban. >> and u.s. suffers its worst year for whooping cough in nearly six decades. we'll take a look at numbers. >> i'm michaeliny. manufacturer has a problem with vehicles and say it's not their fault. what can be done so they can't get by with tkxbñ;x;x;x;x
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a 15-year-old pakistani activist left a british hospital today. she was shot in the head by the taliban in october. militants attacked her because she advocated education for girls. queen elizabeth hospital provided video. she still needs to have reconstructive surgery on her skull but doctors say she did not suffer any brain damage. her family plans to remain in england. it's too dangerous for them to
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return to pakistan. >> fda proposing the most sweeping food safety rules in decades. new rules requiring farmers and food companies to be more vigilant in the wake of deadly outbreaks including requiring farmers to make sure workers wash hands, make sure irrigation water is lien and animals stay out of the fields. critics say changes are long overdue, there are 3,000 deaths per year from food borne illness. >> checking healthy living news this afternoon, if you haven't had flu shot yet now is the time. kaiser permanente predicts california will see a surge as a resultful holiday travelers cominging back with the virus. abc news says california abc news says california flu outbreak in the u.s. in a decade it could be that it's a newer strain. it could be that not enough
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people are vaccinated but interesting theories has to do with humanity. some are finding will heer humanitoç), earlier flu season starts. >> suggesting getting your vaccine as soon as possible if you haven't already, taking two weeks for your immunity to build up. february is the peak season for flu in california. new numbers show 2012 was the worst year for whooping cough in thetgk5 u.s.. the cdc is still collecting data so that number could increase to as many as 50,000 cases. the disease killed 18,000 people last year. it used to be a bigger problem until a vaccine became available in 1940s. >> new jersey high school teenager is receiving an unlikely treatment for a skin disease so rare that doctors have no idea what causes it or
4:47 pm
how to cure it. josh berelli looks great but if you look, he's got these he has an auto immune disease. >> one day, i wokezl,m u  in 8h grade and had red lesions all over my body. i went to the doctor and it was the first or second case he had seen in his 40 year practice. >> the disease had been incñp remission until a month ago. doctors prescribed medication as well as daily visits to the tanning salon. this disease can cause complications in adultswwe and very michael vjo2bney is here answering questions. and the first one comes from lena asking my bank kt is a
4:48 pm
victim of $35 fees from overdrafts how can i stop them from doing this? >> okay. look. there is a good news about this. start with bad news. you can't stop it. if you bounce a check, write it and send it off and it bounces you're going get nailed with the fee. you cannot avoid that. if youzm equipment payment, you don't have money there, you can't void that. you're going to get the bounced fee, if you're yugs a debit card until 2010 you'd use it if there wasn't enough money to pay the bank would allow it to go through, not tell you, then charge you an extra $35 in z.interest. well, now, since 2010 you have the right toll your bank i don't want overdraft protection for atm or i don't want to you give me the money that. way it's a very good thing. we have heard good things bit. but another thing to do is just try to keep.9&x closer tr. >> yes.
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>> jenny s wants to know fi bought something on amazon can i return it?. >> you sure can. this is assuming you buy from amazon, you have 30 days, during holiday season, this past one, november, december, have you until 31 of january. the catch is all affiliates that sell through the web site, they're allowed to set up whatever they want their return policy to be. you have to read it closely. >> neil c asks a manufacturer problems with their vehicles say it's not their fault s there anything they can do to make sure this doesn't happen again? >> and you can alert th%÷y- mea when a problem is just -- just becoming available, the company thinks answers are false and say we don't think so. we're not going appear
4:50 pm
under warranty. how is that believing it's their photos the best thing you can do is let national transportation safety board know bit. i have made that easy go. to our web site there. is a link you can go there. you follow reports. once those reports start filing up they go this isn't you bumped a curve there is a tipping point. >> right. >> the government often doesn't have to come n it's just an issue of reports to start repairing car autos is zit seem like more auto makers are getting slower? reporting these problems? >> good qe. i need to look into that. >> some seem to be getting hit by the government for delays in... >> right. more and more. >> i don't know if it's more. >> coming up next, smart vehicles hit the road for las vegas. the consumer electronics show gets underway next week. david louie will is a preview
4:51 pm
for us up next. >> hi there, i'm dan ashly. plain sichlgt a northern california woman under arrest for reporting her autistic son missing and wait until you hear where police found him. >> what state park officials to keep millions in funds hidden from the public coming up at 5:00.
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your drive from point a to point b is about to get a phd. >> david louie joins us live from cisco headquarters with a preview. >> by know we love our gizmos and gadgets. now saying the real buzz next week is going to be about intelligent france pore taigs. take a look at this, toyota just released this video.
4:55 pm
both car makers follow in the footsteps of mountain view based google, which has been public with this self driving car with its gps guidance system. but that is only one part of the picture. for the past two and a half years, cisco here in san jose has been working to create a network of smart, connected vehicle that's would allow cars to talk to each other, warn of traffic hazards and provide reliable high speed correct activity. cisco has been working with suppliers and will be sharing its vision at the consumer electronics show. >> by allowing cars to communicate, we'll become safe yes, collision avoidance is one element in this space. also, the officiancy in transportation systems will enable us to look less time sitting in traffic.
4:56 pm
>> another silicon valley company audible will promote interactive tv technology. pop up ads will appear with options to get more information about the plo ducts in cases you can click through and place an immediate order. audible magic is working with tv sets and advertisers. clear the air is a shift here in consumer electronic as way from gadgets and instead, trying to reengineer exist prog ducts we can have in our daily lives. david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> fun to see what they come up with at that show. every year. abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm larryç2v beil. >> thank you. this search for a missing teenager is over tonight.
4:57 pm
family and friends grieve of loss of their loved ones. police explain why a killer is not likely at large. >> i'm sandhya patel. live from fr the roof of the broadcast center, it's beautiful right now. but changing when rain will be paying us a visit coming up. >> and state park money hidden from the public mer than a decade. tonight learning whether officials broke the law. >> we announce we have recovered body of alisa byrnes. >> all hope of finding teenager aaccomplicea -- alisa byrnes alive instantly vanished this morning. police are working hard to find out how she died. >> no signs of foul play, but how did she die? the utility worker found the
4:58 pm
19-year-old body this morning on pioneer trail not far from the musicu@pñ festival attendedn new year's eve. we have live team coverage from her hometown in petta luma. we're going to start in south lake tahoe tonight where she was found sergio. >> this search ended about half a mile from where she had been reported missing. >> it's with deep regret we announce we have recovered body of alisa byrnes she is deceased. >> the under sheriff gave the sad news. the body of the 19-year-old was found this morning by two public utility employees in south lake tahoe, investigators say the body found on another side of a snow brim along pioneer trail. the search had been handled by nevada authorities but body has been found in california. >> the body was fully clothed
4:59 pm
and there doesn't appear to be anything that would indicate foul play at this time. once we're done processing the scene there will be an autopsy down in sacramento. >> investigator says she may have been disoriented because they believe she was heading in the wrong direction while trying to get to the hotel but there have been conflicting reports she may have been gene at the society hotel gechblt it's not clear how she got to the point where her body was found. >>ed bowy found over an enbankment s there a possibility she may have been hit by a car? >> that is a possibility rg from viewing the body there didn't appear to be indication that have. there was auy5nñ large enbankmet about four feet high. >> s? been shaken bit news. investigators say her father went to the scene today. >> i extended our condolences.


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